GHOSEC is a modular solution for the public sector that provides registries, search tools for law enforcement institutions, as well as the interconnection with the international law enforcement institutions regarding the persons, documents, vehicles and firearms. 

The system consists of three levels of modules:

  • National Registries (Inhabitants, Firearms, Vehicles and Travel & Identity Documents)
  • ​Tracing functions (comprehensive search tool for law enforcement institutions, integrated into national registries and automatically interconnected with the  system of international police and justice cooperation)
  • ​International Cooperation Systems (for information sharing among domestic public institutions with international police and justice institutions, such as Interpol, Europol, Eucaris etc.) 

GHOSEC solutions offer unique functionalities enabling the provision of  e-government services, authorised data source for the public sector. They automate and accelerate information sharing among national registries, tracing systems and system of international police and justice cooperation.

More detailed information about individual GHOSEC modules

National Registries

Inhabitants Registry

Firearms Registry
Vehicles Registry
Travel & Identity Documents Registry

Tracing Level

Wanted and Missing Persons System
Firearms Tracing System
Vehicles Tracing System
Documents Tracing System

International Cooperation Level

Central Screening Console
International Police Cooperation System