Gratex International developed a comprehensive information system for the accident insurance – DAUP – that covers the entire process of managing accident benefits provided by Social Insurance Agency.


  • Processing of accident benefits – the process involves the registration of accident benefitsThe Persons Register – input, data, addresses, contact, bank accounts modifications
  • The Register of Legal and Physical Persons – input, data, addresses, contact, bank accounts modifications
  • The process of managing accident benefits – registration, claims handling, accuracy check
  • Payment of Benefits Module – creation of the payment voucher, sending the payment voucher(banks, post, cash desk, sending abroad), registration of the payment dates, management of returned and undelivered vouchers
  • Printing – printing of blank forms, letters for communication with the clients – decisions about benefits, procedural decisions, announcements, overview of the payments for a client, payment orders
  • Reports – printed record for the purposes of the tax audit, record of payments, penalties, recoveries, appeals, monthly processing for EO, aggregated and statistical records
  • The Recovery Module – registration of overpayments, recoveries and penalties, changes, decisions announcements, overpayments, recoveries and penalties reimbursements.
  • The Recourse Module – decision making process in the second round – the filing of the recourse records, the decision making process, check, final decision
  • The Module of the Vocational Rehabilitation and Requalification – the registration and the changes of providers of Vocational Rehabilitation and Requalification, the cost and the entire process recording
  • The export from the IS – the payment orders in TXT, XML, KPC, PPE, SPR formats; option of saving prints and records in htm and xls formats
  • Communication with the external IS – the imports and exports of data in TXT, XML, formats, web service – import of data from the external IS, possibility of viewing
  • The Module of Collections and Payments – exact registration of incoming and outgoing payments, import of electronic bank records, dealing with records and items, regular monthly overview
  • Viewing – PU, ÚD, DK (Tax Authority), payments, records, recourses and recoveries
  • Administrator activities – global overviews and viewings, the management of internal dials


  • The registration of the claimants
  • The registration of the employers/or the subjects responsible for the insured event of the claimants
  • The registration of the insurance events such as the accident at work or occupational disease
  • The registration of the process of managing accident benefits, claims handling and payment of accident benefits from accidents at work and occupational diseases specified by law (one-off as well as repeated benefits)
  • The automatic calculation of the accident insurance benefits in the process of handling claims
  • Direct credit of the accident insurance benefits (bank transfer/ PPP-E/ cash desk/ cross-border payments)
  • The export of the electronic XML files for the IS SP (the State Treasury) or the Slovak Post Office
  • The import of the bank account records from the IS SP and its consequent processing
  • The registration of appeals against the decisions on accident insurance benefits
  • The registration and management of recovery files/records (recoveries/overpayments) including payment information
  • The registration and management of penalties specified by law including payment information
  • The registration and management of the agenda for the accident insurance benefits, overpayments and penalties
  • ​The generation and printing of records
  • The imports and exports of files for statistical purposes