There are just few people who know about modern insurance as much as Professor Allan Manning, an icon of Australian insurance and one of the most influential and successful people in this industry, does. Hardly anyone has so much experience and just few people can talk about insurance in such an engaging and understandable way.

What types of insurance can best protect your wealth or health? How not to underestimate any great risk and at the same time not to pay unnecessarily much? How does the insurance business work? How can it protect you from unexpected disasters? In the Allan Manning´s book you will find a lot of useful information, penetrating insights and a visionary overview.

To understand the insurance has become increasingly important and Allan Manning´s writing about it is simple and concise as just few others. That´s why Gratex International, a software house with more than 20 years track record in providing solutions for insurance industry clients across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, has decided to publish this great book.

For more than 43 years of his career, Allan Manning has been leading the major insurance companies and has participated in the settlement of a lot of big claims in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America. As a university professor, an author of 13 books on insurance and countless blogs, he is among the most active disseminators of awareness, know-how and good practice in the insurance industry. Allan is also a member of the Board of Advisors of Gratex Australia, a subsidiary of Gratex International.

It is our honor to support publication of Allan’s book. We do believe that the book will be a great inspiration to all readers regardless of age and business they operate in.

Jozef Kožár

Chairman of the Board, Gratex International

The book is available for download: –HERE–