Senior representatives of insurance technology provider Gratex International and loss management firm LMI group have led an insurance seminar for senior leaders of the Kenyan insurance industry in Nairobi.

As part of the launch of a new program by Slovak Aid in cooperation with consulting company Intherin, keynote speakers Peter Dovhun, Managing Director and COO, Gratex International and Allan Manning, CEO, LMI Group spoke of their European and Australian experiences within the insurance industry. The speakers also addressed the increasing role emerging technologies and big data are playing in the market.

“The Kenyan market is keen to embrace world’s best practice and as such they see the IT services of Gratex and the learning and sales tools on offer along with the professional indemnity protection provided by the LMI Group as being of great assistance to their businesses and to the protection of their clients,” Professor Allan Manning, CEO of LMI Group said.

One of the fastest growing economies in the world, Kenya is benefiting from improved infrastructure and a thriving business environment. There is a desire to strengthen the country’s insurance industry to cater to the growing large and SME sector.

“With continued growth in Kenya expected throughout 2015 the insurance industry insurance industry shall play a vital role in supporting large and SME businesses in their growth path. We are delighted to be able to contribute with our experience to further success of Kenyan economy,” Peter Dovhun, Managing Director & COO of Gratex International said.

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