(Bratislava, 27.2.2015) 4 minutes that get you. This is the video named „ THE REAL COURAGE“ recorded by Matej and Jozef. Both young people are suffering from muscular dystrophy, but they do not give up their struggle with life.

Peter Dovhun

It was the emotional video that helped them to get financial support for building a special education center in Karlova Ves in Bratislava. The boys are also supported by the Olympic medal winner Zuzka Rehák-Štefečeková

Matej Švaňa and Jozef Griač are young students, who are suffering from muscular dystrophy, but they can be hold as an inspiring example to all of us. Despite the serious illness, they desire to learn and to help the others. They shared their dreams in the emotive video. „Education makes sense. I´m studying, because I want to help the other people, “said Matej Švaňa about their ambitions in the video. „ I want to be educated, because I want to be useful and beneficial for the society. The most difficult for me is to sit at the lectures. The financial support of Gratex will allow us to move closer to reaching our goal. , “said Jozef Griač, who has recently been appointed an executive director of the Civic Association Imobilio. He performs this function as a volunteer.

The Association helped Matej and Jozef with obtaining the financial support from Gratex International that will be used to build an education center for handicapped people. The construction of the Centre is being performed by the Civic Association Imobilio through the project Real Courage. Imobilio is a non-governmental, non-profit association that supports the integration of handicapped people into society. The new specialized center will provide the handicapped students with high quality conditions for education.

“The mission of our Civic Association Imobilio is to help handicapped people to be useful and successful in society. We are building the center for education, research and development; we want to encourage handicapped people to study at universities and simultaneously to bring technological solutions to enhance the quality of their lives, “explained Jozef Griač.

The company Gratex International supported the project Real courage with the amount of 3000 €. Peter Dovhun, COO of Gratex International, handed over a voucher for the non-profit organization on the premises of the company Gratex International. The authors of the video, Matej and Jozef, were present at a ceremony too.

The whole initiative started in December last year. Instead of standard Christmas presents, the company Gratex International decided to get the Christmas gingerbread cakes baked in the sheltered workshops. The money which had been saved was decided to be used for a good deed. „The customers and clients that were given the gingerbread cakes decided which of the charitable projects would be supported. We are very happy, that we could help the project Real Courage. The video of Matej and Jozef has been really inspiring for us. The Association Imobilio has our greatest admiration, said Peter Dovhun, COO Gratex International.

You can find the video of Matej and Jozef on the website

The Olympic medal winner Zuzka Rehák-Štefečeková has also supported the video of Matej and Jozef.