Bratislava (24.4.2017) Gratex International is currently implementing the UPM2 Insurance Suite information system in the Czech company Pojišťovna VZP, a.s. (PVZP), a subsidiary of the Czech General Health Insurance Company.

The UPM2 Insurance Suite has been developed by Gratex International specifically for the needs of insurance companies, based on more than 20 years‘ experience in the development, deployment, operation and support of complex information systems in the financial sector.

It is a modern system for the management of insurance processes, including life-cycle management of insurance contracts, commission management, partners and claims management. The system is part of the UPM2 family of software products (Insurance Suite, Agency Suite, Claims Management, Business Intelligence, Reinsurance and Fraud detection), such as Dojo Toolkit, mongoDB, HTML5 and NodeJS.

„To deliver a comprehensive information system for PVZP Insurance Company is a great challenge and an opportunity to capitalize on many years of experience and a number of successful Gratex projects for large and small insurance companies in Europe, Asia and Australia,“ said Jozef Kožár, Chairman of the Board of Gratex International.

PVZP Insurance Company as a part of the state health insurance company is considered to be the strongest player in the Czech resident alien health insurance market. In recent years, it has gradually expanded its portfolio of products, including health insurance abroad, property insurance, liability insurance, accident and legal insurance of vehicles.

The goal of the Gratex International’s project in PVZP is to implement the UPM2 Insurance Suite, which will provide the insurance company with a number of key activities from life-cycle management of insurance contracts and event management, through to a CRM system and product configurator, as well as financial management, document management and Agent online portal. At the same time, the system will allow effective control of the insurance company’s operations through its advanced reporting system, enable online sales of insurance products and integrate with the partner systems used by the the insurance company.

About Gratex International:
With more than 25 years of experience, Gratex International is one of the leading providers of sophisticated software development and IT services in the financial, telecom and public sector for clients in Europe, Asia and Australia.,

About Pojišťovna VZP:
VZP Insurance Company, a subsidiary of the Czech General Health Insurance Company, is currently the leader in the health insurance market for aliens in the Czech Republic, and extends its services to other areas of insurance, including property insurance, liability or motor vehicles insurance.