Selected Customers

We deeply appreciate and feel responsibility for the trust our customers put in our competence. Our customers are mainly medium and big companies that operate in the fields of banking, insurance, trade, energy and services, media companies, as well as public sector institutions.

Financial Sector:

  • Allianz - Slovenská dôchodková správcovská spoločnosť ​(Pension Fund Management)
  • Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa (Insurance)
  • Allianz Asset Management, správ. spol. (Private Equity Management)
  • Allianz Tiriac Asiguari Romania (Reinsurance)
  • Allianz Life Korea (Insurance)
  • Generali Slovensko poisťovňa (Insurance)
  • PetSure Australia (Insurance)
  • Poisťovňa Cardif Slovakia (Insurance)
  • Pojišťovna Cardif PRO VITA (Insurance)
  • Protecsure Australia (Insurance)
  • Uniqa poisťovňa (Insurance)
  • VÚB banka (Retail Bank)
  • Wüstenrot stavebná sporiteľňa (Savings Bank)

Public Sector:

  • Eximbanka SR (Bank)
  • JAVYS (Nuclear Energy)
  • Sociálna poisťovňa (Social Insurance)
  • Ministerstvo školstva SR (Ministry of the Education)
  • Ministerstvo zdravotníctva SR (Ministry of the Health)
  • Ministerstvo vnútra SR (Ministry of Interior)
  • Mesto Senica (Municipality)
  • Mestská časť Bratislava – Petržalka (Municipality)

Energy Infrustructure:

  • Slovenský plynárenský priemysel (Utility)
  • Nafta (Gas Mining & Storage)
  • Stefe SK (Heat Power Plant)
  • Transpetrol (Oil Transportation)


  • Antalis (Packaging, Printing)
  • Elster (Regulatory Means Producer)
  • Embraco Slovakia (Solutions for Cooling)
  • Emerson (Manufacturing and Technology Company)
  • Grotto (Baguettes Production)
  • Holcim (Concrete Production)
  • Hornex (Construction)
  • Klimak (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Lindab (Roof Systems)
  • Milking (Food Machinery Technology)
  • Moderna (Windowsills Production & Logistics)
  • Neografia (Printing)
  • Rajo (Food Production)


  • Danube Wings (Aerolines)
  • J.R. doprava a obchod (Transport)
  • J.R. Steindorfer, doprava a obchod (Transport)
  • Mercedes-Benz Slovakia (Car Retail)
  • Peugeot Slovakia(Car Retail)
  • Truckport (Transport)
  • SkyEurope Airlines (Aerolines)

Information Technology:

  • Alison Slovakia (IT)
  • Hewlett-Packard Slovakia (IT)
  • IBM Slovensko (IT)
  • MM Systems (IT)
  • ATOS - Siemens (IT)
  • Unisys Slovakia (IT)
  • eTEL (Telecommunications)
  • Slovak Telekom (Telecommunications)
  • Telemont (Telecommunications)


  • Rádio Expres (Radio Broadcast)
  • Kiss Radio Network (Radio Broadcast)

Commercial Sector:

  • BRC Property (Developer)
  • Incheba (Wholesale & Fairs)
  • Nábytok Galan (Furniture Retail)
  • Pavol Maráček – Empiria
    (Utilities Production & Distribution)