JavaScript UI Developer

Do you want to try UI development in the big leagues? Are you done with UX deisng on displays with 4 fields? Come try your development of frontend to bigger systems. Hundreds of displays, thousands of attributes and fields, UI and business components with their reuse, security of hundreds of web services in the background. Come try develop a frontend, which is good for the EU, UK and Australia, above a backend, which really does and computes something.

Starting from EUR 1,200 before tax, dependent on education, professional skills and experience.

What do you need to know:

We’re offering work on ongoing projects, where discipline, thoroughness and courage for refactoring, but also work on new projects, where ideas, experimenting and creativity are necessary.

It doesn’t matter what kind of UI framework (dojo, angular, react, …) you’re familiar with, its important that you know how to code in JavaScript and that you understand the general concepts (modularity, events, mvc, data binding, web services, asynchronous programming, …), and everything else will be taught to you on an ongoing basis.

We code in dojo, angular, some in nw.js, combining with several databases, modulea and API, so the more you’re familiar with, the better.

Have you never coded in any framework? Then at least you won’t have bad habits! If you think, that you can code and understand JavaScript fairly well, its important to try it, so apply for the position.

English is necessary for this position, not only technical, but also an overview of the insurance business language is useful. If you don’t have experience with this, this can be taught to you during the project as well.

What work with us entails:

Our UI has been about web services for years. Their use, review and opposition, refactoring and editing is on our to-do list everyday. Coding UI means discussion with backend developers, analysts, trying to understand the business, and then working out the best way to complete your UI work. We’re expecting, that you’re a team player, and that you can ask the right questions (about unknown code and ideas), and to give the right answers (about your code and ideas).

Information about the selection process
If you’re interested in this position, please send a cover letter along with your CV in Slovak or English to Please include the position you show interest for in the title of the e-mail. Personal details that you send us will be used and processed in accordance with the law 18/2018 Z. z. relating to the later instructions to protect personal information. We thank you in advance for your interest. We will only be contacting the applicants that fulfil the following criteria.