JavaScript / node.js Developer

Are you competent at JavaScript and you don’t want to write UI code? Don’t enjoy looking for polyfills and XB solutions on every third API and mode changes to the UI frameworks every half year? Do you want to code in the standard ES syntax and use modern paradigms (asynchronous, functional and reactive programming). Do you believe that the flexibility of JavaScript with a bit of coding discipline can overcome archaic compiling languages, and that it is possible to code large scale enterprise backends in JavaScript? Then don’t hesitate and apply for a position in our team.

We offer interesting work on projects mainly focused on the insurance sector, where we code computing/calculating routines, definitions of insurance products and their workflow, integration interfaces and API gateways with external systems (in accordance to Ebix, Acord standards, but also other ad-hoc integrations), business intelligence structures above traditional DB backends, extracts and recomposition of data with further web services above that. We’re also working with static web site generators (node-based of course), such as haxo or metasmith. Besides that we’re accumulating our own CLI tooling, and sometimes a mini IoT or other pet project comes along. Our software is being used in Slovakia, Europe, but also in Australia. And of course we’re using docker and uploading to the cloud.

Starting from EUR 1,200 before tax, dependent on education, professional skills and experience.

What do you need to know:
JavaScript and english

Helpful experience:
git, HTTP, JSON, JSONSchema, Experess, Web Sockets, mongo, bash, …

What work with us entails:

Communication – it is essential to ask around, but also to help your colleagues, explain your ideas and decisions, argue your points, be creative with your solutions and prototype different solutions. If you ever worked on an open source, we’re hoping that you can formulate questions and answers on bug tracking forums, instead of just using google and using the first incorrect stackoverflow article.

Team spirit – the nature and scale of our project means this is not an individual effot. There’s always someone or something you’ll need, and someone who will need you (your code, your advice, but also constructive criticism). We’re expecting your team spirit will power the drive of other people, but will also keep you fro going home if you haven’t finished something a lot of people are waiting for.

Information about the selection process
If you’re interested in this position, please send a cover letter along with your CV in Slovak or English to Please include the position you show interest for in the title of the e-mail. Personal details that you send us will be used and processed in accordance with the law 18/2018 Z. z. relating to the later instructions to protect personal information. We thank you in advance for your interest. We will only be contacting the applicants that fulfil the following criteria.